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About The M.E.C.A. Project

At the beginning of 2022, Ryan and Kristi learned of another teen suicide in their community. The couple took a collective breath and decided to take action. As entrepreneurs and parents of four children, they felt compelled to use their resources, network, and expertise to improve the emotional well-being of teens and their families. Kristi and Ryan have a unique opportunity to create a lasting impact by combining the innovative technology of their self-awareness app Vibeonix with a comprehensive platform of expert mental health resources.

The Holts partnered with Amber Trueblood, a licensed mental health practitioner, entrepreneur, and mother of four. Over the following weeks, the vision and strategy of the non-profit began to crystallize. Kristi and Amber reached out to their networks and quickly found that the emotional health of teens affected even more families than they imagined. The need is vast and deep. Teens need real resources beyond what the medical and educational systems currently provide.

Amber and Kristi gathered a team of teens and young adults to get their input on critical decisions… including the name of the non-profit. The teens wanted the name to convey a feeling of safety, solidarity, and gathering. They loved words like “oasis” and “haven.” From there, the M.E.C.A. project was born. A safe space where teens can thrive Mentally and Emotionally through Conscious Awareness.

Our Team.

Our team is comprised of experts in mental health, technology, finance, organizational operations, fundraising, event planning, and ranges from teenage to mid-life and beyond.

Advisory Board

Our Core Values

High Vibe

We function from a high state of purpose, generosity, clarity, positivity, compassion, and passion.


We consistently seek to speak and act in a way that aligns with our values and priorities as an organization.


We move forward most logically and directly to accomplish our mission.


We believe every individual is responsible for their own daily choices and holds power within them to transform their life.


We believe that acceptance, understanding, and caring for others are vital to humanity's thriving future.


We move forward true to our own values, perceptions, and spirit regardless of any pressure to act otherwise.

Recent Safe2Feel Events

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